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15058044_10209941905415520_49313368_nHello and welcome to my website!

I’m your host, Dylan Colvin: An engineering and materials science student who is curious about pretty much everything.

I have always had a passion for science, although that doesn’t take away my interest in things like humanities. I never understood why people think science is boring. If you understand science, you understand the universe. Just from one simple principle can so much be understood. Conservation of energy alone nearly defines the entire universe!

Currently I am pursuing a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering. Ever since kindergarten, I’ve pursued a path of engineering. Well, besides that year when I randomly wanted to be a psychologist. Through high school engineering courses, I decided I would be a mechanical engineer; through my courses at UCF, I finally decided to be a materials scientist.

School typically doesn’t do a great job at making things interesting, let alone simple. That’s where I come in! After reading a post on my website, no matter how advanced the topic is, I can make you understand it. I don’t write to a specific audience of those with backgrounds in higher level science, I write to everyone. If you have a background in science, don’t worry; you can still get a lot out of my posts as I go in-depth in my posts. If you don’t, here’s a place to start to get one.

If you’re turned off by science, then great news: that’s not all I do! I cover topics ranging from science to culture, art, music, and philosophy. Virtually anything you can think of is (or will be) covered on this website. This site emphasizes scientific topics, but it is not strictly a science website.

If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to click Contact on the top of the page and talk to me!

Come wandering, leave wondering.

Dylan Colvin

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