What Are Astrological Ages?

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What are ages?

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During an age, it is claimed that major changes in the development of the world and humanity occur. There are cycles of twelve ages, which occur nearly every 26,000 years (the same time as Earth’s precession). The ages proceed backwards on the circle of the zodiac.

Note: the years used in this table are highly approximate.

AgeTime Period (Estimate)Description
Leo11000-8800 BCIt is said that at this time, the Ice Age came to a close and the ice melted. This would've allowed culture to develop as people would settle in different areas. This was the dawn of tribal civilization.
Cancer8800-6500 BCThis was the growth of civilization. Tribes and communities formed. Collectivism and shared land was the dominant mode of thought. There was an emphasis on caring and nurturing, as well as advancing in technology.
Gemini6500-4300 BCThis dawned the first industrial age. Ideas and techniques became commodities for trade. Language, writing, and communication flourished.
Taurus4300-2200 BCThis is the dawn of civilization as we know it. Money and material wealth became the main emphasis. Technological advancements were not as frequent, but civilizations grew larger and wealthier. Culture and society diversified. The collectivist, tribal mentality started to diminished as peoples began to separate and form more individual cultures.
Aries2200-0 BCThe first empires were forming at this time and wars sprung up incessantly. Law and order was becoming more pronounced as well. It was a time of individualism and independence.
Pisces1-2150 (2012?) ADSome say the Age of Pisces ended in 2012, ushering in the Age of Aquarius. This age ushered in the major religions, including Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, etc. It was a markedly spiritual and religious time.
Aquarius2150 (2012?)-4600 ADSome claim this started in 2012, referencing the end of the Mayan calendar. This age is marked by enlightenment, technological advances, and a realized oneness with fellow human beings.
Capricorn4600-6300 ADThis period will be marked by rebuilding and restoring structure and order.
Sagittarius6300-8500 ADThis will be a time of forsaking materialism and focusing on spiritual revelation and mental expansion.
Scorpio8500-10700 ADWhere the Age of Sagittarius sounded bright, this age is a little darker. The previous age will focus on the enlightening parts of growth, whereas this age will focus on the darker aspects. This includes nightmares, compulsions, addictions, pain, etc. It will still be enlightening, but in a different way.
Libra10700-12500 ADThis age will be marked by peace with all people and creatures.
Virgo12500-14900 ADThis age will see the climax of progression and well-being.

Eras and phases

To further complicate things, there are eras and phases in each age.

Eras occur about every 180 years within each age. They progress forward through the zodiac. Each zodiac affects that 180 year section of the age depending on the sign’s characteristics.

Phases occur about every 15 years within each era and progress forward through the zodiac. Like eras, the characteristics of the sign depends on its effects on the era.

So, every cycle goes like this: 12 ages go backwards through the zodiac, with 12 eras going forward in each age, and 12 phases going forward in each era.

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